We live in a world of constant connectivity. Text dinner plans for Friday. Link the family calendar. Selfie ‘til you can’t selfie any more. Seeking solitude—a little piece of quiet—seems like a lost art. Some equate the need for solace with people who are introverted. Yet carving time away from the busyness has health benefits that can’t be ignored. Here are six reasons to find some alone time.

Improve concentration

When we take time to unplug from distractions, our concentration improves. To be as efficient as possible, cut out anything that does not require your immediate attention. The better you can concentrate, the more productive you’ll be, which means you will be back to watching dog shaming videos in no time.


Chill and unwind

Because we constantly run at full-steam, our brains don’t have the opportunity to rest. Distraction-free time sharpens focus and helps you see things more clearly. Detaching from the hustle and bustle is also beneficial to your body as your heart rate decreases and slower breathing calms you from head to toe.


Find you

What are your passions? What do you like to do? Not with your BFF or significant other. Just you, alone. If you’re not sure or have never really thought about it, alone time can help you sort that out. When we spend time with a big group of friends, we’re more likely to go with majority rule even if it’s something we aren’t keen on doing. Not all peer pressure or influence is troublesome, yet are you stepping out and experiencing life the way you want to?


Stop, breathe and think

Carpool. Church potluck. Gift exchange. Book club. Holiday party. Deadlines. Our day-to-day commitments and responsibilities can overwhelm us. Not because we don’t enjoy them, but because there are so many endless tasks that seem to multiply. Cross one to-do off the list and five more pop up. Being in a constant state of motion stifles your creative side. It also prevents deep thinking about the big and small issues of importance. It’s okay to say “no” to offers and opportunities in exchange for time to recharge.


Enhance friendships

If you’re not sure what makes you hum, what you believe in or want from life, chances are your friends don’t either. Create supportive circles by taking the time to really investigate what makes you tick. When you evaluate who and what is important in your life, you’ll not only appreciate your core relationships, you may realize it’s time to end some unhealthy ones.


It’s handled

When you know who you are and what you want from life, solving problems becomes that much easier. Decisions made during quiet self-reflection are well thought out. There’s nothing wrong with chewing over the pros and cons of a big decision with a friend. But when it comes down to what’s best for you, utilize some alone time to dissect your thoughts and make decisions from a place of peace.

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