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Gentle parenting is an approach that has become popular in the last few years, but what exactly is it? This parenting style is based on the individuality of children, open communication and respect.

Sometimes it can feel like your doctor isn’t understanding your health concerns, but it’s important to be persistent if you feel like something is wrong. Use these tips to get the most out of your healthcare appointments for better peace of mind.

Spending time in the sun can boost your mood and vitamin D levels, but catching too many rays could lead to skin cancer. It’s important to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV light, and there’s more to it than applying sunscreen every time you go to the pool. Follow these tips year-round to protect yourself from the sun.

Bladder control isn’t the most glamorous topic, but if it’s something you’ve been experiencing, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem that affects millions of women worldwide. Keep reading to better understand why it happens and what you can do to keep symptoms under control.

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It would be amazing if you tackled your entire to-do list every day, but everyone has off days. It’s important to take these days in stride and not be too hard on yourself. These tips can help you make the most of days that feel like a drag.

You visit the gym to strengthen muscles. You learn new things to grow your mind. But what do you do to keep your emotional and mental health resilient? Here are six ways to develop more mental toughness.

You care for your furry friends like they’re members of your family. But even with prescription-strength preventatives, fleas and ticks can take a ride on your pets and start infesting your home. So, how can you keep everyone pest-free and healthy?

Caring for Indoor Greenery

Leafy vines, hanging plants and vibrant succulents can all be beautiful additions to your home’s interior design, and they can also offer a number of health benefits. Indoor plants purify the air in your home and help you breathe better. Caring for them often elicits a therapeutic effect that boosts mental well-being. Plus, plants like aloe vera provide physical healing benefits like soothing skin irritations. If you’re wary of adding greenery to your home decor for fear they’ll wither, here are a few tips to make sure your houseplants thrive.

Whether it’s the delinquent Dennis from Dennis the Menace, the mischievous Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes or nearly any character under 12 in any number of TV sitcoms, one thing is clear: pop culture loves to portray children as loud and boisterous little monsters. Where, then, does that put the kids who are quiet and calm? Is there any reason for concern when your child isn’t an outgoing social cyclone?

Walking to Wellness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. And no one said you couldn’t walk a marathon! You don’t have to be running miles and miles a day to have a positive impact on your health. The simple activity of walking lends a myriad of health benefits.

Dating After 50

Dating at any age comes with its ups and downs but after 50, it may start to feel more challenging. Don’t worry! We’re here with plenty of tips to go into this season of your life with confidence and positivity.

It’s hard to process our own mortality, let alone talk about our death with those it will impact the most. But preparing for the end of your life is the greatest gift you can give those you leave behind.