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Midwest Adventures

Let’s get ready to embark on an incredible road trip adventure right here in the heartland! Indiana and its surrounding areas offer an array of drivable destinations that are perfect for a fun and unforgettable vacation with your family or your best girlfriends. So buckle up, turn up the music and let's hit the road for a fabulous getaway!

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Latest Tips & Techniques

Learn Something New

In life, it’s easy to go through the motions. It’s often forgotten that living in the moment is important to understanding and appreciating what’s happening right in front of you.

When thinking about your yearly check-ins with doctors like dentists and general practitioners, one that seems to often get forgotten is the eye doctor. It may seem like a hassle to get out of the house for an eye appointment, however, it’s beneficial for your health.

How to Apologize

If you struggle with sincerely apologizing to a friend, family member or partner, diving into the groundwork of saying you’re sorry is a great place to start. Apologizing and admitting a mistake shows emotional intelligence which elicits productive responses and relationships amongst two people.

Travel days can be long and tiring. Most of the time you’re not thinking about how you can take care of yourself while flying, but more-so feeling anxious to get to your destination quickly and safely. Prioritizing yourself while flying is important, especially on long travel days.

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