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Midwest Adventures

Let’s get ready to embark on an incredible road trip adventure right here in the heartland! Indiana and its surrounding areas offer an array of drivable destinations that are perfect for a fun and unforgettable vacation with your family or your best girlfriends. So buckle up, turn up the music and let's hit the road for a fabulous getaway!

Women in the C-suite

As women climb the ladder to C-suite success, organizations are changing and learning from emerging female leaders. Since organizational needs have shifted, new C-suite roles like Chief of Diversity and Inclusion, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Analytics Officer are being occupied by women. Each of these roles further emphasizes a company’s competitive advantage, and women are able to work on this firsthand in their jobs.

A Year of Self-Care

Feeling burnt out? Are you tired of constantly taking care of others and having no time for yourself?

Whether you made a cup of joe in your kitchen or ran through the drive-thru for a brew from your favorite barista this morning, both methods of caffeinating were brought to you by technology. But while tech and science are universal and unite all of us, they are also fields where the gender divide continues.

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The Beauty in The Struggle

Kim Becker’s Story of Faith, Cancer and Calling

In this polarized and fast-paced world, it can be easy to forget how only a century ago, many women lacked the political power to share their beliefs and express their opinions through the ballot and in governing bodies across our nation. So, take this moment to reflect on the progress we have made and the future we can build when women step into civic life.

If you are struggling to get pregnant, have painful and irregular periods, notice an increasing amount of facial hair or experience acne breakouts like never before, you may be dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Women in Prison

How rehabilitation and education are making a difference for women in the carceral system

Swimming with the Sharks

Shark Tank Winner, Nickey Ramsey's Inspiring Journey from Poverty to Prosperity

Managing our own stress can be a struggle. When someone we care about is going through a crisis, it can hit us especially hard. Troubles come in many forms: a difficult breakup, change in jobs, health challenges or something else that causes pain. Knowing how to help can be a little tricky: we all have different needs and ways of coping. No cookie-cutter solution exists for every friend in crisis, yet there are ways to be there for someone when they need support most of all.

Want to get away? Many of us dream of taking an exciting vacation but feel like we'll never have enough time or money to live out those dreams. Epic itineraries filled with beach days, skiing in the mountains or hiking national parks sound like great ways to spend a few days, don't they? But let’s be honest: How often do we take trips like these? Not often enough. That’s precisely why it can be helpful to get into a travel mindset without wandering too far away from home.

Coping with Chronic Illness

Will I get better? What does this mean for my family? How will this affect the rest of my life?