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Whether you’re a working woman or the CEO of your household, you juggle many important things throughout the day. Mornings are defined by to-do lists, afternoons by surprise emails or stinky diapers, and evenings run rampant with dinner plans, bath times and laundry baskets. So, how do you keep yourself from burning out?


The Show Must Go On

Tracy DeGraaf’s story of hope and healing.


Colder weather often gives way to more mundane days. Where people once laid out to catch some sun has frozen over. Where there once was a line for ice cream cones has closed for the season. Days are now filled with portable heaters blasting under work desks. Blankets strewn across beds to trap what little heat is left. The sun makes its occasional appearance, but it always runs off early, trying to catch up with the fleeting summer.


Ask any mother, teacher or childcare provider and they’ll tell you that after days of endless rain, kids are downright restless. I know no matter how much time my kids spend playing inside, it just isn’t the same as being outdoors.

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The first categories that come to mind when considering what impacts overall health and wellness are almost always diet and exercise. There is a good reason for this—they are key contributors. But people often overlook the importance of sleep.


Movement vs. Exercise

Stay active in each phase of life


The Strength of Our Scars

Scars are part of our life stories. Internal or external reminders of where we’ve been, what we’ve endured and how we became who we are today. The healing process from scars is different for everyone. For some, healing is a process that takes time, energy and in some cases, forgiveness.


The Power of Moms

In a world where kids are bombarded with images of perfection and prestige, how can mothers provide positive and powerful messages to their children that help shape them into well-adjusted adults?


Living in The Present

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that life refuses to give us one thing… More time.


Meaning Within the Mundane

In a world where we’re constantly plugged into each other and workaholics are praised, it becomes easy to fall into the rut of daily routines. Skirting children off to school, kissing spouses on the way out the door and squeezing in eight-hour work days all happen without much thought. That said, when was the last time you stopped to think about the “why” behind what you’re doing?


Weight Loss vs. Wellness

If you struggle with weight gain and not feeling your best, it’s time to revamp how you look at weight loss and consider moving towards wellness instead.


Send Rover on Over

There’s something about dogs that keeps us coming back for more. Dogs are pure and they love unconditionally. They could care less if their dinner comes from a bag or a five-star eatery. They’re just as thrilled when we come back from retrieving the mail as they are when we return home after a long vacation. Those who share their home with dogs will testify that for all the snuggles and pats on the head they give, they receive so much more in return. And when it comes to our health, dogs—in fact, animals in general—can have a positive impact.