It's not often that people leave the gym thinking: "Gee, I really regret getting my whole workout done today just as I planned." Rather, the struggle comes before and during fitness sessions—a struggle that is fed by thoughts like: "I'm so tired, I'll do it tomorrow," or "I'm so busy, I'll just do a few reps and call it a day."

While there are definitely days when we’re sleep or time deprived, the majority of gym-related excuses are just that: excuses; rationalizations born from mental blockages toward working out. Keep reading to learn how you can prime your brain to block out this self-defeating chatter so you can enter and leave the gym with a sense of determination everytime.


Pick a Mantra for Your Fitness Goals

A good way to get started at the gym and keep yourself going is to keep a simple mantra in mind that holds you accountable and uplifts you. A simple phrase like “I never cut corners when it comes to my fitness” repeated several times throughout the day—as well as during your workouts—can do wonders for your gym-oriented goals.


Don't Oversell It, Don't Overthink It

Don’t approach every workout as a challenge akin to climbing Mt. Everest. That’s a great way to psych yourself out of a good sweat. Instead, try to reframe your time in the gym as an act of habitual maintenance—kind of like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. It’s less glamorous than picturing yourself in a heroic training montage like Rocky, but it’s also more useful for building a rock-solid fitness routine.


Make a Playlist You Look Forward to Hearing

Fitness and music go together like peanut butter and jelly, so break out your headphones and make your workout a jam session! Updating your playlist with all your favorite new songs can help supply you with a dose of instant gratification while you’re sweating to hit those long-term fitness goals.


If all else fails, find a friend to help keep you accountable. Someone with similar fitness goals as you might be just the ticket you need!

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