Life is complicated. We set goals, create a hustle mindset and map out exactly what we want to do, where we want to be in ten years and how we’re going to get there––and then it gets real. Like, being an adult with bills to pay, responsibilities calling your name and sometimes feeling like happiness and dreams have fallen by the wayside.

Studies have shown that our brains are resistant to change: we don’t like it, we don’t want it and—more often than not—will thwart it every chance we get. Who wants to trade routine and contentment for something different and uncomfortable? Well, that person just might be you. Whether life dictates that it is time for a significant swerve or you feel restless and ready for an about-face, here are five signs that your current situation may be ready for a redo.


Feeling Meh

Do you have trouble enjoying things you used to be passionate about? Do you remember the last time you laughed out loud or felt joyful? Feeling numb means we’ve lost the motivation and zeal for excitement and are not living our lives to the fullest. Rejuvenate your spirit by picking up a beloved hobby, learning a new one or grabbing a friend and making new memories.


It’s Brutal Out There

Feeling constantly criticized at work? Is the negativity of friends bringing you down? It might be time to invite change into your life. Your job should be a place where you excel and feel challenged. Your go-to-gals should always be supportive and want the best for you. Remaining positive when your surroundings aren’t is a complex and clear signal that something’s got to give. People and places that drain your energy mean your untapped potential is withering, and that’s not living a life that’s fulfilled.

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Past Perfect

If you find yourself daydreaming and reminiscing, it could be because you’re struggling to live in the present. Remembering events of long ago can be a clear picture of what was, while the present or future can be stressful and uncertain: who knows what will happen next? If today and tomorrow feel too overwhelming, fear creeps in where opportunity and excitement should be. You cannot go back, yet you can always restart and move forward.


Hello, Goodbye

Letting go of our history is complicated. Sometimes it feels more effortless with a New Year’s resolution or a major life change, not out of the blue on a Tuesday. Yet perhaps that is when the moment happens in your life for a reason. Our memories make up who we are. Honoring those times in your life for serving their purpose makes it easier to enter a place that’s ripe and ready for change. Being brave and taking risks is hard. You might fall; you might spread your wings and fly. You’ll never know if you don’t try.


Ready to Go

No more playing it safe. You’re ready to step out of your comfort zone because that’s how you know you’ll move ahead. Even if it means starting over, this new challenge is one you want to take on. You meet trepidation with an overcoming can-do attitude. You’re ready, sister. Go make it happen!

Sources: Psychology Today, Lifehack and Thrive Global 

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