For many people reading the Bible in a year can feel like a daunting task. It’s a big book! And no one has that kind of time! But it can be done, with the help of podcasts you can save some time during your morning as you scramble to get kids out the door on their way to school or find your way to work. Whether you want a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of theology or a simple summary, there’s a podcast here for you.

Dwell: Listen to God’s Word Effortlessly

Dwell is an incredible Bible app for your phone. The app functions more like an audiobook with the entire bible voiced over and read to you. You can choose from many different voices, languages and even background music. The customization is incredible. There are even many reading plans to choose from including a Bible in a Year Plan. Dwell is especially great if you’re looking for a relaxing way to rest in God’s Word.


A Year in the Bible with Daily Grace

This podcast is daily, and each episode is quick and snappy, only around 5 minutes each. This is one we love to follow along with, as you can read their daily scripture reading plan on your own time, and then hear their unique perspective and description of those passages. It’s nice to follow along with them because they help present some of the harder subjects in ways that make it easier to understand. It’s also quick and easy, taking only five minutes out of your day. So on those mornings that you hit snooze a few too many times, you won’t fall too far behind.


The Bible in a Year with Father Mike Schmitz

Father Mike Schmitz is a Catholic Priest who worked with Ascension to create a guided reading through the Bible. Each episode includes some reading, along with a commentary from Fr. Schmitz. He helps provide context and a better understanding of the content. This podcast also includes a guided prayer in each episode. Prayer is an essential part of reading scripture. It helps connect what you read to your own life and God. This podcast is great for commutes to and from work as you get a summary and a short time of prayer to focus on God.


Bible Books in 30 Minutes

Maybe there’s a book or two that you aren’t familiar with enough to read on your own. With an episode for each book of the Bible, you can get a grasp on the overarching themes and topics in each book from the Bible Books in 30 Minutes Podcast. Each episode covers one book, and gives summaries, and explanations, and breaks down misconceptions.

We love listening to this podcast before jumping into a reading plan. It helps provide context and a general understanding of what you’re about to read. Allowing you to create a more profound sense of what’s happening in the book, and to dig a little deeper.


The Bible Binge

The Bible Binge is probably the most unique podcast on this list. With a series of different shows with different styles, The Bible Binge brings a creative flair to our understanding of the Biblical stories we read. They use pop culture and modern media to “recap” the biblical stories as we would do to a movie or TV show. Having this unique take helps humanize the characters we read about, and helps it feel real. If you’re looking for a fun lens to read the bible through, you can find it here.

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