Fridays are hard. The weekend is so close yet so far away. No matter how much you love your job, the end of the workweek can prove challenging. Here’s how you can turn Friday into a top-producing day rather than mentally checking out for the weekend.

First Things First

Is your desk a hot mess? Is it crying out for a decluttering to spark workday joy? If Monday’s paper trail is now Friday’s problem, take ten minutes to tidy up before cranking out your day. Fewer distractions in front of you, like Wednesday’s coffee cup, can help you focus and work better.

Messy desk

Just Do It

Make that task you’ve been putting off today’s top priority. As weekdays rush by, we effortlessly cross preferred items off our list and push others aside. Once again, Friday arrives—funny how that happens. Temptation returns to move cumbersome tasks once more to Monday’s to-do list. Scratch that, reverse it and complete challenging items first, saving the fun stuff for the afternoon.


The After-lunch Lull

Move it! No, really. If after-lunch sleepiness creeps in, get up from your seat and move your feet. A quick lap around the cubicles or ten sunshine-filled minutes outdoors can improve concentration and recenter your attention. It sounds counterintuitive to walk away from work, yet stepping away for a brief period can lead to getting more done.


Refocus Your Focus

Before powering down your laptop, sketch out the week ahead. Start by jotting down meetings, next comes time-sensitive projects then fill your calendar in with the rest. Planning for Monday means you’ve just earned a relaxing weekend with next week’s agenda on paper and off your mind. What are you waiting for? It’s 5:01 p.m. Enjoy your weekend!

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