Salads are a polarizing dish. Some people love a crisp romaine blend while others run at the mention of spinach. Regardless of your own opinion on salads, there’s no doubt they can be boring without the right elements. To counteract the potential disappointment of a bland lunch, some may add ingredients that turn a heart-healthy salad into a calorie-dense mess. Never fear, there are many ways to spice up your regular salad routine without counteracting the benefits of the greens.

Add some sweetness

Adding fruit to your salad is guaranteed to mix up the flavors. Fresh pears or grilled peaches paired with low-fat feta cheese can create the sweet and salty pairing your taste buds crave.


Texture is terrific

Flavor isn’t the only important element of a meal. Adding ingredients to create varying textures is a great way to make salads less boring. Use sunflower seeds or nuts to add crunch as well as heart-healthy fats. A little chopped cabbage can bring a fresh crispness and extra veggie goodness.


Variety is the spice of life

A one-note song isn’t going to excite you, so don’t expect a plain spinach salad to do so either. Pair different flavors and textures to create balance in your salad. Use spicy jalapenos with sweet pineapple, creamy cheeses with sliced almonds or rich olive oil with tart lemon juice to craft a harmonious plate.


Bulk it up with grains

If you never feel satisfied after a salad, there are options to make it heartier. Consider tossing those greens on a bed of your favorite whole grains. Try quinoa, couscous or millet to add protein to keep you full and satisfied.

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