Feel like your weekend was whisked away?

Dreading the end of the weekend is common. When you’ve emotionally and socially spent yourself during the week, all you want is a break and it never seems long enough. Feelings of anxiety, worry and stress begin to accumulate as Monday creeps up on you. To cope with the upcoming week, there are plenty of ways to organize yourself for Monday and beyond. These ideas can turn into habits which develop into a routine.

Finish Your Tasks

To relax your mind from uneasy thoughts, try to accomplish your weekly tasks before the weekend starts. Creating a checklist for each day of the week is a great way to track your progress. Make a checklist for the fun things too! When you finish your weekly tasks, it’s much easier to enjoy the weekend ahead and feel less overwhelmed with things you have to do. Leaving unfinished business for Monday morning will keep your brain wandering in a million places.

Positive Anticipation

Instead of feeling trepidation for the next week, strive to incorporate events into your schedule that you can look forward to. You could plan dinner with a friend, exercise a few times during the week or get your nails done. The opportunities, big or small, are endless! When you’re working, think about chatting with your colleagues or making progress on a personal project. These simple things can elevate your mood, productivity and melt stress away.

Creating the Perfect Sunday

In a perfect world, every weekend would be two complete days off. However, things often get in the way. Try your best to carve a period of time during your weekend to rest and relax. This is your sabbath, a day to hit the snooze button, cook a delicious brunch, sit in front of the television and spend time with your family. Don’t take your Sabbath for granted, it’s the day of rest!

Set yourself up for success
Uplift your spirits
Never let the weekend get you down
Do something with family
Add in time for yourself
You’ve got this!

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