If you’re a night owl looking to improve your overall health, brain power, happiness and so much more, then listen up. If you’re already an early bird taking advantage of each morning, you’ve cracked the code to being more productive and successful.

Although some of our early to bed or late rising tendencies can be linked to genetics, it’s possible to reframe your mindset of when you rise and when you sleep.


The benefits of waking up early are plentiful. If you love to hit the gym and find it difficult to squeeze fitness into your day, working out first thing in the morning allows you to get it done early, setting a great tone for the day. And when you start your day off with a workout, you’re more likely to eat a healthy breakfast instead of reaching for empty calories on your way out the door.


Sleeping in doesn’t make you a slacker, yet those who wake up early are better equipped to take on the day. Morning people are typically more proactive, have a positive point of view, exude confidence and do not hesitate when it comes to being assertive. Waking up early allows you to set and define what tasks and goals are important to accomplish for the day. Plus, taking time to gather your thoughts before the day becomes rushed can lower stress and anxiety levels.


All of these morning perks work in tandem to give early risers a better night’s sleep. When you’re working on waking early, don’t fret about bedtime. Your body will adjust naturally.


Here’s how to get started:


Don’t hit the snooze

When your alarm rings, it’s time to get up. It’s important to wake up at the same time each weekday. Having a morning routine in place will help your feet hit the floor and get your day moving.


Here comes the sun

Exposure to light tells the brain when it’s time to stop sleeping. Melatonin, a natural sleep aid our bodies produce, helps us fall and stay asleep, but sunlight and artificial light clue your body in that it’s time to stop producing this sleep enhancing hormone.


Move it

Jogging, walking the dog, cycling or hitting the gym. These are all great ways to start your morning on the right foot. You’ll feel invigorated, lower your blood pressure and stay fit. Plus your workout is checked off for the day—winning!


No naps

Rather than nap, occupy your mind and body by doing something active. It can be difficult to fight the urge to snooze when you begin waking early, but it’s worth it when you get to bed early.

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