Plants enliven a room with pleasant colors and aromas, but they're more than mere decorations—they also help filter out harmful chemicals, mold spores and bacteria from your living space. Here are five helpful houseplants that can improve the atmosphere of your home in more ways than one.


Easy to care for and highly adaptable to different conditions, evergreen ivy is some of the best air-filtering flora that money can buy. Keep it out of direct sunlight to help it really thrive and, in turn, enjoy more breathable air for you and your guests.

Peace Lily

Lingering chemicals from paint, carpets and smoking can wage a silent war on your lungs. Luckily, this lily comes in peace to clear the air. It’s a resilient species that’s great at communicating when it needs water (just keep watch for drooping leaves), making it a great choice for households with hectic schedules.

Bamboo Palm

This hardy, fast-growing plant is a living humidifier for your space. It prefers spaces with circulating air and can grow up to six feet in height, so make sure you place it somewhere with lots of room for growth!

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a highly useful plant that likes lots of sun. The vitamin-rich gel found inside its leaves can be used as a natural sunburn treatment, skin moisturizer and more. It’s an organic air filter and medicine cabinet all in one!

Weeping Fig

This plant can be a little trickier to care for than others on the list, but what you will reap is well worth the effort. It’s one of the best species for filtering toxins that cling to furniture and carpets, and it adds a gorgeous accent to any room. Keep it in a brightly lit room (but not directly in the sunlight) with a stable temperature.

Houseplants are a low-maintenance way to easily liven up any space. Aren’t sure where to start? Most all-purpose stores carry houseplants, just read the label thoroughly to make sure that you know how to take care of it! There are lots of apps available that can map out a watering and pruning schedule for you. When in doubt, ask a friend! Houseplants are easy to propagate and share with each other, too!

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