When thinking about your yearly check-ins with doctors like dentists and general practitioners, one that seems to often get forgotten is the eye doctor. It may seem like a hassle to get out of the house for an eye appointment, however, it’s beneficial for your health.

Not only do appointments matter, but there are many simple, essential eye care habits to protect from vision loss or other problems.


Eye Exams

Scheduling appointments can be tedious. It’s recommended that you should have an annual eye exam. One way to kill two birds with one stone is to schedule your kid’s eye appointments at the same time as yours. That way, you can start getting your kiddos’ eye exam routine started early.


Know Your Family’s Eye History

Knowing your family medical history is vital when it comes to your own health. Keeping track of your family eye history is important to know when taking care of your own eyes and checking for diseases even though not all eye diseases are genetic.


Protect Your Eyes

Whether it’s the blinding light on a sunny day or a bright computer screen, wearing the right protective eye gear will help preserve your eyesight and sensitivity. When outside, get yourself a pair of UV blocking sunglasses that have 99 to 100 percent blockage. If you’re facing a computer screen all day at work or school, buy a pair of blue light glasses that will protect your eyes from retinol damage when there’s increased exposure to screens.


Eat Well

Even with eye health and protection, healthy eating is something to keep in mind. Consuming foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc and vitamins C and E can help improve and maintain your eyesight naturally. Having a well-balanced diet with plenty of nutrients lowers your risk of eye disease and helps keep you healthy all around.

Make sure to get your annual eye appointment scheduled! Check out more information about Franciscan Health’s optometry services here.

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