Memories shape who we are and how well we perform in all facets of life. Whether you’re a student studying for an exam, a professional trying to stay on top of your game or a senior worried about cognitive decline, there are many things you can do to stay sharp and remember more.

Watch what you eat

Cut out sugar. Consuming foods with too much sugar is linked to many health issues, including cognitive decline.



Not only does it reduce stress, lower blood pressure and help you be more self-aware, but meditation has also been shown to increase gray matter and improve memory.



Being fit has many benefits, but staying in shape and getting regular exercise can boost your memory too! Studies show that regular exercise can lead to better recall. Even a quick walk can ignite the brain and promote better memory.


Play brain games

Like muscles, your mind needs exercise. You don’t need high-tech gaming devices. Stuff as simple as crosswords and sudokus are great ways to stay sharp and strengthen your memory.


Sleep more, remember more

Sleep is a vital part of having a good memory. When you sleep, your mind is able to consolidate memories, packing them away for better recall. Even a short nap can help you remember things you’ve just learned.

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