Dating at any age comes with its ups and downs but after 50, it may start to feel more challenging. Don’t worry! We’re here with plenty of tips to go into this season of your life with confidence and positivity.

Know your must-haves

No partner is going to be perfect but having a clear idea of the qualities you’re looking for can be a huge help. Pick a few that you won’t compromise on and stick to them. You might want someone that’s funny or kind or loves to travel. Take the time to figure out those must-haves, so you don’t waste your time on people that don’t make the cut. It’s also not rude to let someone know that you don’t see a relationship progressing. Be open and honest so you can move on in your dating journey.


Find your first date confidence

Confidence is key on first dates, but it’s not just about how you look. A great outfit and makeup routine will only make a small difference if you’re stuck in your own head. As silly as it sounds, try talking to yourself in the mirror. Find three things that you like about yourself and say them out loud before a date to remind yourself that you’re a catch.


Try different kinds of dating

Dating journeys are different for everyone. You can try dating apps and websites, let friends set you up on dates, rely on meeting someone organically or even go to a professional matchmaker. There is no right way to do it. Try your hand at different approaches and if one is draining your energy, take a break or leave it behind completely. You never know how you’ll meet the ideal partner so don’t feel like there’s only one right approach.


Be open without oversharing

You’ve probably heard about a date where someone would not stop talking about their ex and the evening turned into a therapy session. It’s important to share about yourself, but you also want to give your date a well-rounded idea of who you are as a person. If you know that it will be hard for you to stop talking about a certain topic, try not to bring it up in the first place (at least not until you’ve been on a few dates). And if you’re nervous that you’ll run out of things to say, try looking up fun first date questions to keep the conversation going. They may seem cheesy, but they can help take away some of the pressure.


Be patient and don’t settle

Finding a partner can be a long process so it’s important to be patient. Focus on enjoying your dates and hoping for the best rather than putting yourself on a deadline. It’s also much better to be single than to be with someone who doesn’t treat you well. Hold out for the one that meets your standards−you’ll be glad you did!

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