Leafy vines, hanging plants and vibrant succulents can all be beautiful additions to your home’s interior design, and they can also offer a number of health benefits. Indoor plants purify the air in your home and help you breathe better. Caring for them often elicits a therapeutic effect that boosts mental well-being. Plus, plants like aloe vera provide physical healing benefits like soothing skin irritations. If you’re wary of adding greenery to your home decor for fear they’ll wither, here are a few tips to make sure your houseplants thrive.

Provide consistent water

Most plants like having their roots consistently moist while others prefer to dry out a bit between waterings. Be sure to check the care label or consult a good indoor plant book to help you determine the right watering routine.


Keep temperature constant

Avoid placing plants in troublesome spots where temperatures fluctuate. Instead, locate them away from heating and air conditioning ducts, radiators and chilly windows. Also remember that heating systems can dry out the air in winter, so provide your plants a little extra humidity with a pebble tray and some misting.


Offer adequate light

Take note of the type of light your space offers to determine the types of plants to invite in. Plants that prefer bright light will thrive in south-facing windows while north-, east- and west-facing windows offer moderate sun perfect for plants that like less light.


Use the right soil

Your potting soil should be tailored to the particular type of plant you’re growing. Cacti, succulents and rosemary, for example, prefer coarse, well-drained soil. But the most critical consideration when you’re purchasing or blending your own potting soil is to ensure that the mix is light enough to provide adequate pore space for air, water and healthy root growth.

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