How fast can you go? How much can you lift? Anaerobic exercises are beneficial when trying to lose weight or build muscle.

Much like aerobic exercises, anaerobic exercises have their own methods of conditioning and provide various health and wellness benefits. The main difference between the two is that anaerobic exercises require immediate energy. These short-term, high-intensity exercises can be taxing on your body, so make sure if you choose to try them, you get a doctor’s okay.

Anaerobic exercises occur “in the absence of or without oxygen.” Essentially, with anaerobic exercises, the human body relies on stored energy sources rather than oxygen.

While anaerobic exercises can provide a lot of positives, they should be moderated so that no harm is done. Ensuring you are doing these exercises correctly is crucial for protecting your safety. Speak with a doctor or fitness professional to make sure you’ve found the best routine.


Examples of anaerobic exercise

  1. Sprinting
  2. Weightlifting
  3. Climbing hills
  4. Isometrics
  5. Plyometrics
  6. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  7. Lunges
  8. Squats
  9. Pull-ups/push-ups
  10. Jumping

Tips for anaerobic exercise


Be at your best

Only do anaerobic workouts when you feel 100 percent physically energized and mentally refreshed. Working out with aches and pains or something on your brain can throw off your whole workout.


Be sure to stretch and get the jitters out of your system

Anaerobic exercises often require loose muscles, focus and specific forms, so make sure to properly prepare your body for the workout.


Don’t push yourself too hard

Anaerobic exercises are higher intensity than aerobics. Listen to your body and know when to stop so you avoid injury.


Use the buddy system

If you are trying to reach a personal record, whether it’s lifting weights or sprinting, make sure someone is there to spot you in case you need assistance.


Don’t rush

Results take time. Work on your endurance, stamina and strength, and you’ll eventually reach your physical goals.


Anaerobic exercises provide a host of benefits when done correctly and safely. As workouts become more regular, muscle soreness will diminish and reaching your goals will get that much easier.

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