Why is the “most wonderful time of the year” also the most stressful? It’s no secret that the holiday season comes with added expenses and anxieties, but your family’s festivities don’t have to be tainted by falsities and folklore. Check out these myth-busting holiday facts and stay merry this holiday season.

MYTH: Weight Gain is Unavoidable

The holidays are known for indulgent food, family dinners and countless sweets to snack on. However, this exorbitant eating can be a source of stress for many, especially those watching their waistlines. While there are plenty of weight management strategies, such as portion control or opting for healthier alternatives, you shouldn’t feel the need to restrict your diet choices. In fact, research shows that the average American only gains about a pound during the holiday season (a pound that won’t even stick around once you return to your normal eating habits). So, instead of fearing the scale and warding off your favorite desserts, listen to your body and eat what you please.


MYTH: You’re Guaranteed to Break the Bank

During the holidays, watching your wallet can become just as anxiety-inducing as watching your waistline. Though the average American spends more money during the holiday season than any other time of the year, there are several budgeting strategies you can try to make your money fa-la-la-last. Setting a spending limit and collecting coupons are two great ways to keep some change in your pocket without sacrificing the holiday spirit.


MYTH: Poinsettias Are Poisonous

Nothing encapsulates the holidays quite like poinsettias. With bold, red leaves that ward off wintertime weariness, poinsettias would be the perfect decoration if only they weren’t poisonous, posing a threat to young children and pets. Well, contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not lethal—in fact, they aren’t even poisonous. According to recent research, poinsettias contain a sap that can cause mild irritation if ingested but has no long-term detrimental effects. So, as you decorate your home this year, be sure to bring out the poinsettia shrub for all to enjoy.


MYTH: You Must Follow Traditions

The holiday season brings with it an abundance of expectations—eating a specific meal, seeing certain family members or bringing someone special home, to name a few. While traditions can make the holidays feel more exciting, they also add the unnecessary pressure of getting everything “right,” which can ultimately spoil your fun. Instead of sticking to strict traditions, try mixing things up this holiday season. Order takeout, stay in with the kids and unwrap gifts when you feel like it—not when you feel like you should.

family ordering takeout on christmas

MYTH: You Need Someone to Kiss Under the Mistletoe

If every cheesy holiday movie couple shares a kiss under the mistletoe, you have to find someone too, right? While there’s always pressure during the holidays to couple up, there is so much more to celebrate during the season of giving than having a significant other. Instead of focusing on finding love, spend time with family and friends—they’re your original loved ones after all!

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