Successfully navigating your twenties is no easy feat. Whether your priority is school, your career, your faith or your family, you’ve got a lot on your plate. So it's no surprise that your health may be on the backburner. While this period of life comes with a set of its own unique challenges, there are certain steps you can take to form good health habits.

Get active and stay active

Find something that moves you—physically and spiritually. Workouts don’t have to be grueling or tear-inducing; they should excite you and make you feel fulfilled. Explore dancing, spin classes, rock climbing or rowing. The more you enjoy the exercise routine, the more likely you are to stick with it. That means fending off heart disease, bone loss and depression.


Cultivate a healthy relationship with food

Forgo the fad diets and fast food. Take time to experiment with nutrition. Introduce yourself to new recipes, familiarize yourself with ingredients and explore different cuisines. Look at your mealtimes as a way to nurture your body. Make dishes that are exciting to taste, and most importantly, take note of what makes you feel the best.


Prioritize sleep

Getting adequate sleep is one of the best ways to boost your physical and mental health. Establishing a consistent sleep schedule is key to getting those six to nine hours of sleep that recharge your battery. Better sleep means more energy to handle whatever your day throws at you, busy schedules and all.


Schedule regular check-ups

Seeing your doctor for wellness visits is one of the most overlooked practices of women in their 20s. Visiting a gynecologist for pelvic and breast exams may seem obvious, but don’t neglect scheduling visits with your eye doctor, dentist and primary care provider for other regular exams as well.

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