Going Green for the Greater Good

With talks of climate change and a desire for sustainable living, the question on a lot of people’s minds is, “How can I help?” Deciding to pursue a more eco-friendly lifestyle may be daunting, but even the littlest changes add up. You may find that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to give a little love to this beautiful planet we call home.

Screen Time vs. Life Time

Technology—it’s a blessing and your arch nemesis. Digital media is woven into our lives at work, home and school. It isn’t going anywhere, which is a great reason to set boundaries. Kids especially need limits set on screen time. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, American children spend seven hours per day in front of electronic media, and that big chunk of time has only grown since the pandemic.

A More Constructive Commute

Sitting in traffic, standing at the bus stop or riding on the train. You may feel the hours, minutes and days of your commute back and forth from work is a total waste of time, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Whether you’re wanting to be more productive, learn something new or refresh your mind, here are some ways to make the most out of your morning and evening travels.

Time to Get Going

Sometimes you need that extra little push to get things done. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s work, school or chores around the house, everyone knows the struggle of getting through something you don’t feel like doing. Self-motivation can be hard to come by, but focusing on time management and efficiency can help.