Characteristics We Strive For

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“Surely the righteous will never be shaken; they will be remembered forever.7 They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.8 Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear; in the end they will look in triumph on their foes.9 They have freely scattered their gifts to the poor, their righteousness endures forever; their horn will be lifted high in honor.” Psalm 112:6-9 (NIV)

The content of a person’s character says a lot about them. That’s what’s so lovely about the bulk of Psalm 112: it reads like a pump-you-up encouragement when you need to remember why we walk in faith. It presents characteristics to embody as children of the King. So, that must mean we perfectly exhibit and exude all these things all the time, right?


Here’s what’s true, sisters: we will have experiences that shake us, and God will always be there to calm us because He remembers us not just today but forever. We will receive bad news—news that may devastate—and our hearts will be mended back together by our Father. Life can be scary, and fear can try to root in our minds. Our forward-thinking God will help us find that peace that passes all understanding. When we feel we have nothing left to give from our pocketbooks or our hearts, God will meet our needs when we provide for others because His righteousness will endure forever and ever.


Today, look for ways to stretch and grow the characteristics of a true believer. None of us are saints, yet we can begin to strive for a Psalm 112 outlook. Some of us may take a lifetime to reach these pinnacles. That’s okay because it’s not a sprint toward the end, good and faithful servants, but a marathon.

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