Fun and Work: Finding the Balance with Katie Irk

Prioritizing your mental health and well-being isn't always easy. When I was Miss America in 2009, there were lots of late night events and early morning flights. Since then, I've traded my evening gowns in for evenings at home with my family, but I still face many demands as a business woman, wife and mother.

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Sometimes the to-do lists, carpools and phone calls start to feel overwhelming, but balance isn’t impossible.


Here are a few ways to quiet the noise and make time for a few deep breaths.

Quick tips for balance

  • 1

    Keep a planner or calendar.
  • 2

    Leave your work at work, or designate a “work only space” if you work from home.
  • 3

    Make time for your own personal activities.
  • 4

    Take advantage of your “free time.”
  • 5

    Prioritize to-dos beginning with the most important.
  • 6

    Make sure to set limits—work this many hours, play this many hours.
  • 7

    Schedule some “me time” at least once a week.

How to find balance in your life

  • 1

    Don’t overwork yourself to the point your mind and body feel run down. Balancing work and fun can reduce health problems like stress and anxiety and can boost your immune system.
  • 2

    We are more susceptible to burnout if there is no balance in our lives. Find some breathing room, and you’ll be able to avoid overwhelmingly negative feelings.
  • 3

    If you leave work at work, you will be able to pay more attention to the important stuff. By focusing on family, friends and your own hobbies after hours, you can sustain your health and well-being.
  • 4

    Balance work and fun so you can increase productivity. If you have the mindset of getting work done without procrastinating, you will have more free time and be more likely to feel stress-free after work. Moral of the story: Get your work done!
  • 5

    Encourage yourself to live, rather than just survive. If your mind lives at work, you will not see the world beyond it. Balancing fun and work will make you see the best of both worlds and help you live life to the fullest.
  • 6

    Find your balance! Make sure you put real-life priorities in the same boat as work ones. Balancing work and fun can actually help you live a more rounded and balanced life in general. It’ll even help you find stability in other areas, too.

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